Mark Nemoyten - Audio Engineering/Sound Recordist.

Hughes Photography - Sensitive and romantic, with a special passion for photographing weddings - soft and flowing; mothers with their babies - up close and personal; and fine portraiture of families; children, young & old and high school seniors. Melinda Hughes-Berland, Certified Master Photographer.

Berland Design Group - Specialists in the Medium of Visual Communications. BDG is a full service advertising & design studio providing visual design/graphics,Internet development services, advertising and printing to a variety of corporations and businesse emtities.

Cavallo Point - Sausalito Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa. The Lodge at the Golden Gate offers San Francisco accommodations in both contemporary and historic luxury lodging with spacious rooms and stunning views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, perfect for weddings and romantic getaways. Ten minutes from San Francisco and 1 mile from Sausalito, California.