THE DAY HAS ARRIVED, the setting is enchanting, the garden is blooming, the flowers are gorgeous, the places are set with the finest linens, crystal and china for the feast, friends and family are arriving, and the music begins…Beautiful Classical music, performed by Northern California’s very best musicians.

Meet the Marin String Quartet & Ensembles and Leader, violinist Dennie Mehocich. We are delighted to help brighten that very special day with musical memories to delight you and your guests for a lifetime.


The Quartet is the standard String Quartet format consisting of two violins, viola, and cello. Repertoire includes the string quartet literature of composers Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert. We also have extensive numbers of transcriptions and arrangements of other Classical and Baroque literature, lively waltzes from the Blue Danube to selections by the Beatles to Tangos to Broadway tunes from beloved shows.  The Quartet gives you the greatest range and selection of repertoire and we have seen guests at weddings and parties dance to our music! By far the Quartet is our most popular request.

Trios: The String Trio generally consists of two violins or violin, viola and cello. We also provide Flute trios, consisting of flute, violin, and cello, or recorders for a Baroque or Renaissance mood; Horn trios (violin, cello, and French Horn), good for holiday parties, and Piano Trios (violin, cello and piano) for indoor venues where a most refined atmosphere is desired. Trios are great for those intimate gatherings where a bit less sound may be desirable. They work very well for those candle-lit dinners in wine cellars and smaller venues. A real advantage is a good sound and an affordable price.

Duets are typically two violins, violin and viola, or violin and cello. The advantage is a good selection mainly consisting of Baroque and Classical music at very reasonable prices. Duets are wonderful for smaller gatherings in home settings, gardens, churches, and wineries. Consider hiring the Duet to brighten that engagement or rehearsal dinner in addition to performing the music for your wedding celebration.

Strings withTrumpet consists of the String Quartet with trumpet soloist. This is a truly wonderful way to add that regal touch of Baroque elegance for entrances that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Strings with flute and/or harp provides more variety of timbre and can be configured into ensembles of various combinations: Violin and flute duet, add cello for a flute trio; add to this a harp for a harp quartet. Other possibilities: Violin and cello duet; Harp plus one other instrument (violin or flute is recommended); Violin, flute and harp; Violin, cello and harp. Please listen through our samples for an idea of how theses combinations sound.

The Klezmer Group is the String Quartet plus clarinet and trumpet.

The Piano Duet consists of violin and piano. We will bring elegant Classical charm to your ceremony as well as receptions, family gatherings and reunions, and other of life’s celebrations.

Solo instrumentalists are available in: violin, cello, guitar, piano, harp and trumpet.

Coming soon:  Violin and Piano CD!

And, do remember to book live Classical Music for your office parties, corporate events and conventions. Live Classical Music adds a touch of class like nothing else.